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Bigger Than A Can


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About Us

Based in sunny Southern California, Wave Soda is all about staying stoked! We aim to keep our customers refreshingly uplifted on our tasty low-calorie fruit sodas, as well as our awesome Wave Gear. Life is a journey full of waves, so pop the top, start sipping and enjoy the ride!

The Good Burn... BURN 25 CALORIES BY

  • Rubbing your belly while you pat your head, then text five friends thanking them for being in your life
  • Circle the produce section 5 times or until you come up with five compliments to pay your mom/dad
  • While climbing stairs for two minutes list five ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Doing a full cartwheel as you promise to turn one bad habit around
  • While waiting in line do 20 toe raises & your first of five refreshing acts of kindness
  • Doing five jumping jacks while thinking of five things you’d change, if you ruled the world

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