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Is Wave Kosher?

While we are not officially certified as Kosher, we are technically Kosher! 

Our healthy soda is … more

Is Wave Gluten Free?

Yes! Wave is Gluten Free! 

Our Healthy soda alternatives are gluten free since … more

Is Wave Vegan?

Absolutely! Wave is 100% vegan! 


Wave is a sparkling water brand that  … more

Is Wave Plant based?

We are indeed plant based! 

Our sparkling water is meant to be a healthy soda alternative with no … more

Is Wave Keto Friendly?

You bet we are! If you are on the keto diet, you are safe to drink Wave as a healthy soda alternative!

… more

What Are The Nutrition Facts?
Are There Added Sugars Or Artificial Sweeteners In Wave?

Never! We will never ever add sugar or any artificial sweeteners to Wave. Our 2-6 grams of sugar have always, and will always, come naturally from the fruit juice! … more

Where Does The Caffeine Come From?

The caffeine in Wave comes from the coffee cherry! 

We believe in keeping our natural soda, natural! … more

How Much Caffeine Does A Wave Soda Have?

Our politely caffeinated sodas contain 42mg of caffeine! The same as a diet soda.

Our sparkling water is meant to give you a gentle buzz … more

What Is Your Most Popular Flavor?

Our most popular flavor is our Mango Soda

But, everyone has their own taste preferences… you’ll have to try them all and decide for yourself which flavored sparkling water is your favorite! … more

Do You Have Non Caffeinated Flavors?

Absolutely! Our Apple Soda is caffeine free! We are also working hard to bring you an entire caffeine-free line so those of you that prefer caffeine free, or can’t have caffeine, can also enjoy all of the delicious flavors we have to offer! ... more

Where Can I Buy Wave?

We sell Wave, right here on our website; we’re also on Amazon, or you can find the closest store with Wave, here! … more

When Was Wave Soda Started?

Wave Soda has been in business since 2017! 

Our Founder and CEO, Nat wanted to create a healthy soda alternative … more

Why Was Wave Created?

Wave was created by our Founder and CEO, Nat. He was hooked on diet soda for YEARS! He would drink multiple every single day. He realized his soda addiction was bad for him, so he created a sparkling water brand for a healthy soda replacement … more

What Is The Story Behind Your Graphics?

They’re all based around the California surf culture! It all started with a sign … more

Where Is Your Headquarters?

Our Headquarters is located in San Marcos, CA

We are a sparkling water brand that is dedicated to … more

Can Wave Come To My Community Or Charity Event?

Drop us a quick email at or contact us here and we can chat about getting our healthy soda alternatives to your community or charity event! … more

Why Choose Wave?

You should choose Wave over all those sugary or diet sodas because we are a healthy soda alternative. Our flavored sparkling waters contain 85% sparkling water, 15% fruit juice, and politely caffeinated. … more

What Does It Mean To Be An Unsoda?

Being an unsoda means that we are a new kind of soda. We don’t have a ton of sugar in us like a regular soda or all those artificial sweeteners like a diet soda! … more

Why Do You Call It Soda?

We call it soda because we are an unsoda! We are a soda water that is made up of 85% sparkling water, 15% fruit juice, and politely caffeinated. … more

What Is Natural Soda?

Wave soda is a natural soda! In short, natural soda is healthy soda made from natural ingredients; none of that artificial junk … more

How Do You Compare To Diet Sodas?

We have two similarities with Diet Coke; we both have 42mg of caffeine and we call ourselves soda. Other than that, we could not be more different… in the best way! … more

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