Sweety High Is Talking About Wave Again!

Trying to Kick Your Sugary Soda Habit? Wave Soda Is the Perfect Sparkling Water-Soda Hybrid.

Sweety High's Amanda McArthur is talking about Wave again- YAY!!! She talks about how she grew up drinking an unhealthy diet soda. She has now moved away from that and drinks sparkling water, but still likes to indulge in a fizzy soda every now and then! When she found Wave Soda, she was excited to try a new healthy soda alternative.

She tried all our fruit flavors as well as our Wave Cola and she loved them all! She enjoys the fact that our fruit sodas are sparkling water, fruit juice, and politely caffeinated. She enjoyed our organic cane sugar soda that has just 40 calories per can. She then goes on the rank all the flavors and let us know her feelings on all of them. We're grateful for such an awesome shout out! Thanks, Amanda! Check out the full article here.

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