Sand And Snow Talks Dorm Room Essentials and Wave Soda

Unexpected Things To Bring To College: Dorm Room Essentials

Sand and Snow's Karyn Locke talks about the upcoming school year. She knows that there's lots of things you need in your dorm, but there are some that you probably haven't even thought about! The items she lists off are helpful and unique and most definitely are must-haves.

In her article, she talks about how Wave Soda is a dorm room must! She highlights that our politely caffeinated healthy sodas are perfect for any college student needing a little study break pick-me-up. She likes that our better-for-you sodas are a healthy soda replacement with no added sugar or sweeteners of any kind. Our keto sodas are the perfect thing to send your college student who needs some caffeine to power through classes and midterms.

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