Parade Is Sipping on Wave Soda!

So Long, Added Sugar! Sip on These 16 healthy Sodas And Soda Alternative Instead

Parade's Margie Zable Fischer loves a good healthy soda alternative, so she decided to give us a list of her top faves! Wave clocks in at #4 where she highlights that we are made of bubbly water, fruit juice, and politely caffeinated. Her personal favorite is our mango soda, but also mentions our other flavors like apple soda, blueberry soda, and tangerine soda. She also lets her readers know we're sold on Amazon and at Whole Foods.

We're happy to hear that she enjoyed our flavored sparkling water. If you want to check out our full line of refreshingly uplifting, politely caffeinated sodas, head over to our shop page and add a couple carbonated drinks to your cart. You can read her full article here.

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