Waving Hello To Kroger (and more)!


We're so excited to announce that you can now pick up Wave Soda at Kroger and other Kroger-owned stores! We will not only be available in Kroger banner stores, you can check us out in Fry's, QFC, and Fred Meyer. You'll be able to get us from the natural sodas and sparkling waters section of the store!


Kroger is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They were founded in 1883 and are a massive traditional grocery chain that offers a wide selection of grocery items. They have grown to an impressive 2,896 stores since their start 138 years ago! You can find their stores all across the United States, with their banner stores being located mostly in the Southeast region of the U.S. Their customers now have easy access to enjoy the perfect politely caffeinated drink! We're stoked that our keto sodas get to be a part of Kroger!


Fry's is based in Tolleson, Arizona. They were founded in 1954 by Donald Fry and are a traditional grocery chain that offers all kinds of grocery items. They have grown to 20 stores in the Boston Metro area. Arizonans can now cool off from the heat with the best summer drink out there! We can't wait to see our keto sodas flying off the shelves at Fry's.


QFC is based in Bellevue, Washington. They were founded in 1955 and are a traditional grocery chain as well that offers a variety of grocery items. They now have 62 stores in parts of Puget Sound, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Puget Sound and Portland now have a happy drink that's as cool as they are! We are excited to have our natural keto sodas be a part of the QFC family.


Fred Meyer is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and was founded by Fred G. Meyer in 1931 and are also a traditional grocery store that offers a range of grocery products as well as garden, sporting goods, and home improvement items. Today they have 134 stores in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Utah. Fred Meyer customers can enjoy the perfect keto soda! We are so excited to have our natural sodas be on their shelves.


Wave is a flavored sparkling water that's San Diego's favorite summer drink. Our keto sodas are made of 85% sparkling water, 15% fruit juice, and politely caffeinated. Our healthy sodas are made with natural ingredients and no added sugar or sweeteners of any kind. You can sip our happy drink in 7 fruity flavors including; mango soda, tangerine soda, grapefruit soda, blueberry soda, blackberry soda, cucumber soda, and caffeine-free apple soda.



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