Waves Are Rolling Into The Midwest!


We're so excited to announce that Wave is rolling out in the Midwest! We know- it's about time!!! We have even better news. We're not just going to be in one chain. We'll be in SEVEN different chains! So, chances are, if you live in the Midwest, we are coming to a retailer near you. You'll be able to find us in Heinen's, Woodman's, Jewel, Meijer, SpartanNash, Buehler's, and Busch's. 


Heinen's is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 1929, they are a traditional grocery chain that offers all sorts of grocery items, including our keto sodas. They have grown to 23 stores, 19 of which are in Ohio and 4 are in Illinois. We are so excited to have our natural sodas be a part of such a great store.


Woodman's is based in Janesville, WI. They were founded in 1919 by John Woodman and has grown to be 18 locations in Wisconsin and Illinois. They are a traditional grocery chain that offers a wide range of grocery items that now includes our healthy sodas! We can't wait to be on the shelves of a fantastic chain.


Jewel is based in Itasca, Illinois. Founded in 1899 (yes, you read that right- 122 years ago!) they now have 188 locations. They are a traditional grocery chain that offers a great selection of grocery items! We are so happy that our summer drinks are sold at an amazing retailer like Jewel. 


SpartanNash is based in Byron Center, Michigan. Founded 1917, they have grown to 142 stores today. They are another traditional chain that offers all sorts of grocery items, however, they also have a distribution arm that delivers to military commissaries, independent grocers, and other retail stores. We are so excited to have our keto sodas available in a wonderful chain like SpartanNash. 


Buehler's is based in New Philadelphia, Ohio. They were founded 1929, and have now grown to be 13 stores in North-Central Ohio. They are a traditional chain as well that offers a great selection of grocery items and features bakeries in each of their stores. We are thrilled to have our happy drink be available to Buehler's shoppers!


Busch's is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They currently have 15 stores in Southeast Michigan. They are an independent grocer that offers a wide selection of grocery items, now including your favorite mixer- Wave. We are so stoked to be carried in the amazing Busch's stores!


Wave is a natural soda alternative that's a great option for those looking to kick sugary sodas. Our sodas are made of 85% sparkling water, 15% fruit juice, and are politely caffeinated. We use all natural ingredients and never add sugar or sweeteners of any kind to our natural drinks. You can enjoy our summer sodas in 7 refreshing flavors including; mango soda, tangerine soda, grapefruit soda, blueberry soda, blackberry soda, cucumber soda, and apple soda.



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