Wave Launches with Distributor Chex Finer Foods

Chex Finer Foods

Wave Launches with Distributor Chex Finer Foods:

Wave has launched with Chex Fi Foods, distribution icon! Chex will be be distributing for Wave and will carry all 7 of their flavors. From consumer favorite tangerine soda, to the cucumber sparkling soda. Thank you for working with us Chex Finer Foods, Wave loves you!

About Chex Finer Foods:

Chex Finer Foods is a family owned specialty and natural foods distributor started in 1965 by Jay Isenberg. Now, over 50 years later the business that started in their garage has grown into a distribution giant. Chex Finer Foods distributes some of the best products including Wave Soda.

About Wave:

New Wave Soda, the natural soda company based in San Diego, launched in 2017 with 3 all-natural soda flavors; Apple sparkling soda, tangerine sparkling soda, and mango sparkling soda. The healthy soda company has continued to expand throughout the US with their mission of redefining soda and created a healthy soda for the next generation. Wave, the natural soda company, added 3 new flavors in 2018 with blueberry sparkling soda, cucumber sparkling soda, and grapefruit soft drink followed by the launch of blackberry sparkling soda earlier this year. The all-natural soda company is focused on redefining soda for the next generation.

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