Wave Launches with Berkeley Bowl

Berkeley Bowl

Wave Launches with Berkeley Bowl:

In 2018 Wave opened their first San Francisco account with the iconic Berkeley Bowl. Wave is extremely excited to be partnered with such a great marketplace. We love you Berkeley Bowl! Keep drinking our natural Tiktok soda.

About Berkeley Bowl:

Berkeley Bowl got its name because they opened the first market from a converted bowling alley in 1977. They have since moved to a former Safeway location and have a second location around the same area. Berkeley Bowl has 16 departments showcased on their website. Within the grocery department they carry natural healthy soda.

About Wave:

Wave Soda, the healthy sparkling soda brand, is the soda for the next generation. Nat Noone had a vision to redefine what a soda was and give it a place in your healthy lifestyle. With mango sparkling soda and tangerine sparkling soda as their best sellers, Wave soda is taking over. They currently have 7 total flavors and hope to be the change in the beverage industry. Wave Soda is based out of San Diego, California and believes their healthy tiktok soda contributes to a happy life!