Wave Launches in Iconic Texas Chain, Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb

Wave Launches in Iconic Texas Chain Tom Thumb:

Tom Thumb began carrying Wave Soda, the sparkling soda company, in February 2019, helping kick start Wave Soda's expansion into Texas. Tom Thumb is an iconic chain in Texas and Wave Soda is so proud do be a apart of their healthy and natural soda set. Thanks, Tom Thumb!

About Tom Thumb:

Tom Thumb was founded in 1948 by J.R. Bost and Robert B. Cullum. The company was acquired by the Randalls chain of Houston in 1992 and adopted a logo similar to Randalls, but retained the Tom Thumb name. In 1999 Randalls Food Markets was acquired by Safeway. Safeway retained the Randalls name in Houston and Austin and the Tom Thumb name in Dallas/Fort Worth. Tom Thumb, along with Randalls and Safeway, has been acquired by Albertstons and carries healthy soda.

About Wave:

Wave Soda is a healthy sparkling soda brand started by Nat Noone in 2016. Wave was created to give the everyday soda drinker a healthier alternative. 85% sparkling water, 15% fruit juice, and 42 mg of caffeine make up the delicious Wave Soda. The sodas comes in 7 refreshing flavors including; mango, tangerine, grapefruit, blueberry, blackberry, cucumber, and caffeine-free apple. What was once a vision for a soda substitute has become a successful sparkling water brand!