Wave Joins with Randalls



Wave Joins with Randalls:

Randall's began carrying Wave Soda's healthy soda in March 2019, beginning with their Mango sparkling soda, Tangerine sparkling soda, and Blueberry sparkling soda. We are excited to announce we now have our full line minus our Blackberry sparkling soda, sold at many Randall's. Thank you, Randall's.

About Randalls:

In the 1970’s Robert Onstead, Norman Frewin, and R.C. Barclay started a discount-supermarket called Randalls. By 1990 they had expanded to 42 stores, and the next year earned over a billion dollars in revenue. Now, Randalls is part of Albertsons and continues to treat their customers as if they are family. Randalls is a big believer in giving back as they donate to charities, programs, and research centers all over the globe.

About Wave:

Wave Soda is a unique sparkling water brand that offers a healthy soda alternative to those looking for a tasty flavored sparkling water. All of our sodas are 85% carbonated water, 15% sparkling juice, and is packed with 42mg of polite caffeination. Our fearless leader, Nat Noone, originally created Wave in 2016 so he would have a healthy alternative to classic sodas. His vision for a Diet Coke substitute has turned into a nationally recognized sparkling water brand! Our line of sodas contains 7 unique and delicious flavors including; caffeine-free apple, cucumber, tangerine, grapefruit, blackberry, blueberry, and mango.

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