Wave Joins E-Commerce Giant Amazon


Wave Joins E-Commerce Giant Amazon:

Wave Soda's first E-Commerce began on Amazon in October 2017, with just a few flavors and a variety pack. Since then, the sparkling healthy soda line has significantly expanded their product line and sales and launched their second channel with them on Amazon Launchpad in February 2019! Check out this video Amazon Launchpad did for summer essentials featuring Wave Soda's natural soda here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqXRPGWdBos&feature=youtu.be

About Amazon:

Amazon is based out of Seattle, Washington and focusing on tech and ecommerce. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and has since become the king of online services with the introduction of Amazon Prime. Amazon ships products from sports equipment to sparkling healthy soda.

About Wave:

Wave Soda, the healthy sparkling soda brand, is the soda for the next generation. Nat Noone had a vision to redefine what a soda was and give it a place in your healthy lifestyle. With mango sparkling soda and tangerine sparkling soda as their best sellers, Wave soda is taking over. They currently have 7 total flavors and hope to be the change in the beverage industry. Wave Soda is based out of San Diego, California and believes healthy sodas contribute to a happy life!

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