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Wave Joins 7-Eleven Brands With Heart Event


We're stoked that we were invited to participate in 7-Eleven's Brands W/Heart Event! This event is where 7-Eleven invites emerging brands to meet with their buyers and decision makers in hopes to stay on top of fun new brands and provide their customers with new brands to choose from, like a natural keto soda ;)


I mean, 7-Eleven needs no introduction, but here we go anyway! Based in Dallas, Texas, they have a staggering 71,000 stores across 17 countries including Japan, Thailand, and Mexico! They were founded in 1927 by Joe C. Thompson and as of 2010, they employ 45,000 people! They are a convenience store that offers all types of snack and drink options including the world-famous Slurpee®! We are so stoked that they invited us to their event and hope that you can find our healthy soda alternative in their stores soon!


We are carbonated water with 15% fruit juice and politely caffeinated. We are the perfect summer drink for anyone who wants to enjoy a sweet treat without the guilt! Our healthy sodas are made with all natural ingredients and no added sugar or sweeteners of any kind. You can enjoy our fruit sodas in 7 sweet flavors including; mango soda, tangerine soda, grapefruit soda, blueberry soda, blackberry soda, cucumber soda, and apple soda.



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