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Wave featured on Barstool Sports!

We made it to Barstool!

barstool unboxing wave

During one of Dave Portnoy's unboxing videos, (episode 6 to be exact!) the father of Barstool opens a care package from Wave!

The short but funny clip can be found here at around the 35:12 mark! (viewer discretion advised as Mr. Portnoy has quite the mouth on him)

In the clip you can see that he picks up our branded box and gives it a look before reading the word "soda". He then throws the box out a frame while letting the viewers know that he doesn't drink soda...If he only knew.

No hard feelings Dave, we hope that you're able to give us a try in the future!

In the mean time, thanks for the love on our "cool packaging" and keep doing your thing!



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