Wave Featured at AB SAMCOM!

Wave at SAMCOM:

Wave Soda was featured during the annual AB (Anheuser-Busch) SAMCOM! They shared their excitement on non-alcoholic beverages and their upward trends. Wave is happy to be an example and show off their tangerine soda!

About AB:

Anheuser-Busch is the undisputed leader of beer companies and is one of America's most iconic names. Started more than 165 years ago, AB has been satisfying generations with their beverages. They believe in dreaming big and staying consistent for the next 165 years and beyond!

About Wave:

Starting in 2017 with Mango sparkling soda, tangerine sparkling soda, and their caffeine free apple sparkling soda. Then continued the line in 2018 with blueberry sparkling soda, cucumber sparkling soda and grapefruit sparkling soda. Their most recent launch is blackberry sparkling soda, which is quickly making waves to their top seller, after tangerine. With a mission to clear the stigma around soda – Wave Soda is redefining soda into a healthy term. Next generation soda is here and we’re ready for you to try it!

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