Soda Alternative joins Farm Fresh To You

Wave Partners with Farm Fresh To You:

Wave is apart of the Farm Fresh To You family! Our soda alternative is now available as a portion of the subscription box. We hope you enjoy our soda as much as we do! Cheers!

About Farm Fresh To You:

Farm Fresh To You is a second generation ran business! Started originally in 1976 by two UC Davis graduates, their business grew alongside their family. These days the company donates over 100,000 pounds of produce and delivers over 10,000 boxes a year!

About Wave:

Wave Soda is the drink for the next generation. Started in 2016 by Nat Noone, Wave is redefining what the word soda means. With 85% sparkling water, 15% fruit juice, and 42 mg of caffeine, wave is a healthy alternative to other sodas. Wave comes in 7 different flavors like; caffeine-free apple, cucumber, mango, tangerine, blueberry, blackberry, and grapefruit. What was once a vision is now taking the world by storm!