Harris Teeter and Wave Partner-Up

Harris Teeter


Harris Teeter and Wave Partner-Up:

Harris Teeter started carrying Wave Soda in May 2019 in a 5 store test in North Carolina. Since then, Harris Teeter has since done a full launch and will begin carrying Wave Soda's all-natural soda line in almost all 250 stores in November 2019. We are incredibly proud and excited to begin this partnership with Harris Teeter. Find a store near you! Cheers, Harris Teeter!

About Harris Teeter:

Started in 1936, Harris Teeter is based out of North Carolina and operates over 250 stores. They merged with Kroger in 2014 although they have since kept their name and headquarters. Harris Teeter carries a vast selection of groceries including craft and sparkling healthy sodas.

About Wave:

New Wave Soda, the natural soda company based in San Diego, launched in 2017 with 3 all-natural soda flavors; Apple sparkling soda, tangerine sparkling soda, and mango sparkling soda. The healthy soda company has continued to expand throughout the US with their mission of redefining soda and created a healthy soda for the next generation. Wave, the natural soda company, added 3 new flavors in 2018 with blueberry sparkling soda, cucumber sparkling soda, and grapefruit soft drink followed by the launch of blackberry sparkling soda earlier this year. The all-natural soda company is focused on redefining soda for the next generation.

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