Food Ventures on Wave!

Food Ventures had this to say about Wave!


"Soda has long been criticized for its association with disease, but those in tune are trying to redefine this category."

An example of an “attuned” is Nat Noone, the 40-year-old created by the company Wave Soda - his creation which is composed of 85% sparkling water, 15% fruit juice and 42 mg of natural caffeine extracted from green coffee beans.

Wave Soda's immediate success caught the eye of one of the game's greats. AB InBev's venture capital, called ZX Ventures, invested in the company in 2019, which helped it expand its distribution.

Today, the two-year-old company sells its products in seven flavors, in more than 1500 stores, including the famous Whole Foods.

Although Wave Soda made a point of calling its product soda, despite criticism, other companies chose to distance themselves from this stigma of sugar-laden drinks, harmful to health."

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