7DeuceDeuce Partners with Wave Soda


7DeuceDeuce Partners with Wave Soda:

7DeuceDeuce came across Wave Soda in Whole Foods and fell in love with the product. This began a 2 year and counting relationship between Wave and 7DD. He has made multiple Instagram posts and shout-outs as Wave continues to supply him with their refreshing natural drink!


About 7DeuceDeuce:

Adam Enticknap, better known as 7DeuceDeuce, is a musical artist and motocross racer. He has a youtube channel where he posts music and motor sport tips. He released a song title "MY BIKES TOO LIT" in July of 2018. The song has reached over 640,000 viewers and 10,000 likes on Youtube. 7DeuceDeuce has also made mini commercials in favor of New Wave Soda.

About Wave:

Wave Soda is the drink for the next generation. Started in 2016 by Nat Noone, Wave is redefining what the word soda means. With 85% sparkling water, 15% fruit juice, and 42 mg of caffeine, wave is a healthy alternative to other sodas. Wave comes in 7 different flavors like; caffeine-free apple, cucumber, mango, tangerine, blueberry, blackberry, and grapefruit. What was once a vision is now taking the world by storm!