Your Brand New Life is Just One Good Decision Away

One good decision can change your life.

Just think about that…Something that you choose to do today could be the catalyst for everything that comes next.

Nat, the CEO and founder of Wave Soda, is a testament to that.

Nat used to drink 10+ Diet Cokes per day. And, as we well know, one unhealthy lifestyle choice generally begets another bad lifestyle choice. He was regularly eating McDonalds, wasn’t exercising and couldn’t shake his lethargy. So he made a decision.

He was going to give up soda.

Before he knew it he was eating better. One day he decided to go for a run. As his mind and body grew healthier, an idea started forming… He nurtured it, he nurtured himself… and then, with some elbow grease and a lot of love, his company was born. His decision to give up Diet Coke initiated a chain reaction that led to him creating Wave Soda, a caffeinated sparkling water with real fruit juice. (Lucky us!)

I think that at some point or another, all of us will have at least one of those defining decisions. A moment we can distinctly pinpoint as ‘the moment things changed.’’ I know that for me, at least, I consider mine to be the moment I decided to move abroad for the first time.

I had spent a lot of years feeling like my life didn’t belong to me and because of that I was sad, disconnected and totally unsure of myself. An abrupt and uncharacteristic move to Italy provided me with a new perspective I could have never imagined. In a couple weeks my outlook began to change and in a couple of months, so did I. And because this positive transformation shifted the energetics that surrounded me, opportunities I never could have imagined began presenting themselves to me.

That one decision to travel to a new city and throw myself out of comfort zone laid the groundwork for years of international travel, a group of friends that a teenage me only dreamed of, a career that lit my soul on fire and a sense of self-love I never thought possible.

To some people an impulsive move may sound like exactly the antidote they need. To others, it may seem intimidating. And that’s okay! Your big decision doesn’t have to seem core-shaking. Something that may seem small to you could cause a chain reaction that will reverberate through your life for years to come.

Run away to Italy, if it sounds good. Or maybe just put down the Diet Coke and pick up a Wave. Either one could change the course of your life forever.