Why Choose Wave Soda?

If you’re like most Americans, you love the taste of soda, but you probably don’t love what comes with it.

Go with traditional sodas, and you’re putting three tablespoons of sugar into your body — per can. That’s a recipe for tooth decay and extra calories, neither a desirable outcome.

Diet soda doesn’t have the sugars that regular soda does, but have you looked at the ingredients list lately? It’s full of chemicals that require an English degree to pronounce, and half the time, you don’t even know what they do. All you know is you don’t want them anywhere in your body.

And sparkling water? There’s no chemicals involved, but there’s also no taste involved. When you want a sweet pick-me-up without sugars or harmful chemicals, “hint of a hint of lime” or “strawberry with low battery” just doesn’t get the job done.

Wave Soda is different

It gives you the taste of regular or diet soda, but without the harmful sugars and chemicals. With Wave Soda, you get:

  • Only the good stuff: Wave Soda isn’t packed with harmful chemicals or ingredients that you only saw in science class. It’s just water, juice concentrate, caffeine and CO2. Simple and delicious.
  • Great taste: Say goodbye to sparkling water that’s nothing more than bubbles with the tiniest bit of flavor. Wave Soda offers real flavors, like apple, grapefruit and blackberry.
  • No added sugar: Only the naturally occurring sugars found in fruit juice can be found in Wave Soda. We think our soda’s got the perfect amount of sweetness without adding extra sugars or harmful sweeteners. Cut the sugar without cutting the taste!
  • Low calories: At 15-25 calories per can of Wave Soda, as opposed to around 140 calories in traditional sodas, you don’t have to worry about drinking your calories. You can feel good about sipping a Wave Soda.

If you’re looking for a great tasting drink without the guilt, it’s time to leave traditional and diet sodas on the shore. Catch the wave and discover the great tastes of Wave Soda today!