The Best Drink Off The Whole30 Beverages List

Finding drinks that are okay to consume while on the Whole30 diet can be a bit tricky. 

Thankfully, Wave Soda makes that list! 

Scroll down to discover what makes us a Whole30 beverage. 

What Makes A Drink Acceptable For The Whole30 Diet

The very first caveat for the Whole30 diet is that it's meant to be kept for 30 days. 

Makes sense. 

The do's and don't's of the diet get dicey from here. 

I have never done the diet but it has proven some amazing results judging by its incredible success and countless testimonies! 

Regarding drinks, however, there are only so many you can have. 

According to the website, these are acceptable Whole30 beverages:

  • Water
  • Fruit juice
  • Sparkling water *no added sugar*

The reason so many drinks cannot be considered Whole30 beverages is because of added sugars! 

stacks of sugar cubes

You know all about sugar from our recent blog, The Wave Soda Tea: How Much Sugar Is Too Much Sugar?

I bet now you're thinking, "Alright, how did you find anything besides water that I can drink on the Whole30 diet??". 

Well, I did!

So scroll down to find out why we qualify. 

Wave Soda Makes The Cut On All Fronts

Do any of you know people who simply refuse to drink water? I have an uncle who I'm pretty sure has consumed about 12 oz of water his entire life. No joke. 

It's hard sometimes! You want to be good to your temple but water can get so boring. 

I bet if you are taking on the Whole30 diet you are thinking that exact thing. 

Good news! We have a healthy soda alternative that is considered a Whole30 beverage, and you'll love the taste too!

stack of healthy wave soda

Why is Wave Soda so great?? I'll tell you!

  1. It's an all-natural drink, no additives, no ingredients you can't pronounce!
  2. There's no extra sugar added!!! All of the sugar comes from the fruit juice concentrate
  3. Packed with 42mg of caffeine its a perfect coffee or soda alternative when you're looking for a little pick me up
  4. It tastes delicious! 
wave soda customer review

Switch To Wave Soda Today

After reading all that, it kind of seems silly that you haven't been drinking Wave Soda all along, right?

Our natural fruit soda can be found in stores all across America, click here to locate the store nearest you!

Of course, you can always purchase Wave Soda online at

Don't dilly dally, make the healthy switch today!