What Is The Story Behind Your Graphics?

What Is The Story Behind Your Graphics?

They’re all based around the California surf culture! It all started with a sign. 

When our CEO and Founder, Nat, would rock his baby to sleep, he would look at a sign that highlighted some of the best surf beaches along the coast of California. This sign was the inspiration for our graphics! 

If you look at a can of our flavored sparkling water, you will notice that there is a different beach highlighted on each flavor of our cans.

Our Blackberry Soda highlights Stinson, Tangerine Soda is Mavericks, Apple Soda is Rincon, Grapefruit Soda is Malibu, Mango Soda is Huntington Beach, Cucumber Soda is The Wedge, and Blueberry Soda is Ocean Beach.

We have other hidden graphics on our cans of healthy soda. Can you figure out what they are?

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