What Does It Mean To Be An Unsoda?

What Does It Mean To Be An Unsoda?

Being an unsoda means that we are a new kind of soda.

We don’t have a ton of sugar in us like a regular soda or all those artificial sweeteners like a diet soda! 

We are a new kind of soda that has just 15-25 slightly sweet calories and 2-6 grams of sugar that comes naturally from the fruit juice. We are creating a healthy soda alternative from flavored sparkling water.

You will love our unsoda, that comes in Tangerine SodaApple SodaGrapefruit SodaMango SodaCucumber SodaBlackberry Soda, and Blueberry Soda. We are redefining soda to be a healthier option that is guilt free. Our refreshing drink is the best tasting soda on the market because it is an uplifting soda. We are simply soda.

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