Wave's Favorite California Beaches

I'm sorry to all of you Wave Soda lovers who don't live in California, because this post doesn't directly affect you, buuuut if you ever plan to travel to California you should check these out!

I personally have traveled to all of these beaches so I will give you my incredibly biased opinion on each one (sorry but I love California, man), and if you have any secret ones you know about that we should try, shoot us a message and we will feature them on our blog or social media!

South San Diego County

We will start with San Diego because that's our home county. I think my very favorite one is Coronado Beach. Located on Coronado Island, this beautiful stretch of beach starts at the famous Hotel del Coronado and goes all the way up to Sunset Park where people can bring their dogs to run and play. 

Coronado Beach is one of my favorites because there is so much to look at. The beach itself is simple--sand and water--but the surrounding area is what really ties it together. Hotel del Coronado is always hosting fun events like ice-skating or sandcastle making, and they also rent out beach cabanas to anyone wanting some shade and comfort. Walking up the beach will give you sites of the hotel and other gorgeous houses along the beach's coast. If you walk inland you can find a handful of local boutiques, restaurants, and sweet treats. Luckiest of all, if you walk over to Clayton's or Boney's Bayside Market on Orange Avenue, you can pick up some Wave Soda for your drive home ;)

Next up is La Jolla Cove! If you haven't heard of La Jolla Cove you've probably never done a Google search of San Diego beaches which is more than fine, but now you will learn all about it. Yes, both of these beaches are what you would call tourist attractions but that's simply because they are worth the visit. That goes for out-of-towners and locals alike. 

The biggest selling point for La Jolla Cove is the seals! Yes, I said seals. 

They. Are. Everywhere. If you start at the cove and walk south along the beach you will see seal after seal after seal! There are plenty of places to stop and take pictures, and even a bunch of pop-up stands that sell brochures, t-shirts, and other cool products. 

Space to actually sit and enjoy the sand it limited because a lot of it is reserved for the seals only, but there are a few small coves that you can plop down on the sand or swim out in the water to snorkel or kayak. A lot of surfers pick this spot because it produces good waves, plus there is always the chance to do some surfing right next to a seal! 

After you take a dip or fill your camera roll with pictures, head on over to Whole Foods on Villa La Jolla Dr. where you can pick up some Wave Soda to quench your thirst from frolicking around the beach all day. 

North San Diego County Is Next

Stop on by to our Wave Soda blog next week and learn about our favorite North San Diego County beaches! 

As always, if you have any hidden gems that we must know about, click here to jump to our website and shoot us an email. We love hearing from you!