Wave Supports Small Businesses Part 3

It's Wednesday again, which means it's a perfect day for another support-small-businesses post!

Last week at Wave we gushed about our favorite sweet treats, so I figured why not go in a different direction today and speak about some tasty breakfast joints.

Like last week, the small businesses in today's blog are all local to Southern California because that is where our Wave Soda home is. I say that because we encourage all of you Wave lovers, no matter where you live, to support local small businesses as well! And even though we may not live near you, we would still love to hear what places you fancy so if we ever go on vacation in your neck of the woods we already have some items on our itinerary.


Man alive do I love Connie's. I have to be honest with you, they do serve more than breakfast at Connie's, but that's more of a selling point than a deal-breaker, right?

Connie's is owned and run by the queen herself, Connie. This Vista joint boasts a handful of different delicious options on the menu for you to choose from. When I wasn't vegetarian I would go there at least twice a week to get her chicken fried steak and hashbrowns. Now that I don't eat meat, I still visit Connie's just as frequently, but I usually get the eggs benedict, which is served on an English Muffin, topped with spinach and avocado.

Bonus points: She lets you bring your own drinks in. A couple of weeks ago when I went I wasn't in the mood for a coffee so I sipped an Apple Wave Soda with my lunch and let me tell ya, it was a perfect experience.

Mom's Kitchen

This quaint little breakfast spot is located right in Downtown Vista. Recently remodeled and sporting a new name, all of us frequent visitors were thrilled to find out the quality of the food did not falter a single bit. Both Connie's and Mom's Kitchen are pretty small, which is why you will find a line at both places, especially on the weekend.

Mom's Kitchen has an equally delightful chicken fried steak on the menu, but my personal favorite treat is the pancakes! Don't worry, Mom's Kitchen has all the classics and even steps it up a little by offering special pancakes of the day! Usually fruity, always scrumptious, these pancakes are sure to make even the grumpiest morning Scrooge crack a smile.

I wasn't always a breakfast person, but things change. Just like how I used to hate sparkling water and then I discovered Wave Soda.

All I gotta say is that I'm thankful that the Wave team liked me enough to ask me to write these blogs cause I don't know if I could've survived another day of life not knowing about the uplifting and refreshing, new healthy soda on the market.