Wave Soda vs Olipop: Who Will Be Named Champion?

It's Competition Time

It's safe to say that everyone loves a little healthy competition, right? Well good, because today we are going to be putting two sodas to the test:

the almighty Wave Soda, and those other guys Olipop. 



If you read our latest blog post you know that a 12 oz can of Coke has a frightening 140 calories. When picking a cool beverage to sip on, you should feel confident knowing that you are putting good nutrients into your body. That's why at Wave we love to talk about our refreshingly uplifting natural soda that all contain 25 calories or less! In comparison, Olipop sodas have almost double the number of calories. (That's five straight minutes of burpees!)



One of the many things that we take pride in at Wave is that we created a delicious soda without any added sugar. All of the sugar comes from fruit juice concentrate. Although a 12 oz can of Root Beer Olipop soda has the same amount of sugar (2g) as a 12 oz can of Cucumber Wave Soda, all of the sugar in Olipop comes from Stevia. Commonly used as a sugar substitute, Stevia sweeteners are over 300 times sweeter than sugar, which can cause an unappealing, artificial aftertaste.


Other Ingredients

Isn't it frustrating when you look at the back of your soda can and realize you can't pronounce even half of the ingredients? How do you even know what you are putting into your body?! That's why our Wave Sodas are made of all-natural ingredients that leave you with no unanswered questions and absolutely no guilt!

We cannot entirely fault Olipop soda on this subject as they do also use all-natural ingredients, and they are (mostly) pronounceable. Buuut do we know what all of them are? It seems that in an effort to make their drink superiorly "healthy" they added way too many extravagant elements that leave me wondering if I am drinking a soda or taking a course in botany. 

Wave Soda for the Win


Listen, we may be a little biased but the facts don't lie. Wave Soda has no added sugars, fewer calories, and only ingredients you know and love.

So whether you are trying to kick an unhealthy soda habit or are just looking for a tasty summer drink, Wave is the soda for you. 


blueberry wave soda sitting next to a surf board at the beach