Help! I'm Having An Energy Crisis!

Does that sound like you?

With summer winding down and every other aspect of life picking up, it can be super hard to stay focused and energized. 

Today, Wave Soda is bringing you some helpful tips on how to conquer your personal energy crisis and optimize your time and efforts!

What Does Low Energy Look Like?

Realizing that your energy is dwindling is usually pretty straightforward. 

Most commonly, an energy crisis can cause the following symptoms:

  • drowsy
  • foggy brain
  • slow moving, physically

The list above illustrates the most well-known symptoms of low energy, although there are a few others that people often experience as well. Consider the following:

  • daunting feelings when it comes to work/working
  • strained relationships
  • inability to participate in activities one would normally enjoy

As you can see, an energy crisis can manifest in various physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. 

At Wave Soda we firmly believe that all three areas need to be given proper attention to live your most whole and best life! 

Okay, So How Do I Fix It?

Unfortunately, a large majority of people feel that there simply isn't enough time in the day to get everything done.

When this thought process becomes the leading narrative of a person's life, it can cause additional stress and anxiety, leading to an even greater energy crisis!

So annoying, right!?!

The very good notion, (kinda like the one you feel when you realize there is a healthy soda alternative that exists!), is that your energy crisis is not permanent!

Even better news, our team at Wave Soda created a short and simple list of ways you can optimize your energy! 

  • Increase your Magnesium intake - you can do this by adding a Magnesium supplement to your daily routine, or consider adding more nuts, whole grains, or fish to your diet
  • Exercise regularly - studies show taking a short 10 minute walk each day and increase energy levels and overall mood
  • Nap it out! - yes, here is your permission to take that nap you so desperately want!
  • Don't skip meals - food provides necessary nutrition and lack of it can decrease your energy, especially as it gets towards the end of the day
  • Drink more water - it's a brilliant thing that Wave Soda is 85% sparkling water then, huh? 
  • Consume less sugar - fun fact: all seven refreshing Wave Soda Flavors contain 6g of natural sugar or less

There are plenty of other things you can add and subtract from your daily routine, but these six are simple and easy. 

Remember, it takes around 21 days to create a habit so hang in there and soon enough your energy crisis can be gone for good!