Wave Soda – The Lowdown

So you’ve got some questions, huh? We get it, we’re a little different. Keep reading and we will do our best to answer them for ya! Let’s get started!!!

Q: What even is “natural soda”?

A: Great question! We get asked this a lot. Wave Soda is a great tasting + healthier alternative to traditional soda. It is perfectly carbonated, politely caffeinated, and bursting with flavor. What makes us different? We like to keep all our ingredients C L E A N. The next time you reach for a Traditional soda, you might want to rethink your drink. Here’s why…

Traditional Sodas have all sorts of chemical ingredients That can adversely affect your health, if consumed frequently. You’ll want to watch out for: Sucralose, Sodium Saccharin, Aspartame – All chemically made 0 Calorie sweeteners

Phosphoric Acid- A preservative used in traditional soda that adds a “tangy” flavor and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. We did some research and found that this acid can act as a rust remover and is found in many household cleaning products. Yikes!

Potassium Benzoate- A chemical food preservative that inhibits the growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria.

Dimethylpolysiloxane (Try pronouncing that, we dare you!)- Most famous for being the main component of SILLY PUTTY and BREAST IMPLANTS!!! Can someone please tell us why this is in a beverage that humans consume?!?!?

Unlike traditional sodas, every ingredient in our cans is completely natural. Take a look below at the ingredients in Wave Soda.

1) Carbonated Water– Water with bubbles.

2) Juice Concentrate- Pure juice (the water has been extracted)

3) Ascorbic acid– A fancy name for Vitamin C, which is naturally found in fruits and vegetables. The low pH of this acid can prevent spoilage and preserve freshness. THIS + the Lemon Juice Concentrate are our preservatives.

4) Caffeine- Green coffee bean extract (comes from the coffee cherry fruit).

5) Natural Flavor- Comes from the entire fruit- including the oils from the rinds! This givesour soda an even better taste and smell, naturally.

6)Beta Carotene– A naturally occurring red/orange/ yellow colored pigment used for coloring.

Q: How much caffeine is in each can?

A: 42 mg! The same amount of caffeine as there is in a can of diet coke. A little less caffeine than half a cup of coffee.


Learn more about the amounts of caffeine in different coffee brands by clicking here: https://drinkycoffee.com/how-much-caffeine/


Q: Where does the caffeine come from?

A: Our caffeine comes from Green Coffee Bean Extract! Basically, the extract is obtained from the traditional coffee bean you normally see but before it’s roasted. 

 Learn more about how caffeine is measured in coffee by clicking here: https://www.totalcoffeebase.com/how-much-caffeine-in-a-cup-of-coffee/


Q: Will you ever do a line that’s not caffeinated?

A: YES! Our Apple flavor is currently a caffeine free option, as well as our new Ginger Ale Flavor.

Q: Does the soda contain any added sugar?

A: Not our fruit flavors! Even though there are 2-6 grams of sugar in each can, it comes from the fruit juice concentrate! This is what gives our soda a little sweetness. Nothing artificial. All natural.

Our new classic soda line flavors contain 10g of organic cane sugar as well as a small amount of Stevia.

Q: Where can I find WAVE?

A: If you go to our website and click on the “Find Us” tab, you can simply search for a store near you!

Q: What is the most popular flavor?

A: It truly depends on who you ask! Whenever we do store demos, mango is typically the most popular flavor among our customers. Tangerine is another top favorite. They are all unique, it is best to try for yourself and see!  


Q: What are people saying about the soda?

A: This is what some of our customers are saying…. 

Bohdan: “Perfect replacement for soda.”

Leslie: “A refreshing, tasty, guilt free soda drink that my whole family enjoys. So happy to have a healthy soda for my kids.”

Laurel: “Great flavor, can design extraordinary, and thirst quenching. Thanks!”

Ashya: “I normally do not like soda because it is syrupy and sugary. However, Wave Soda is not like that! It’s a refreshing taste with the perfect flavor. I got the blackberry flavor and willdefinitely be ordering again. Plus low on calories and sugar doesn’t hurt either! Overall 10/10”

Thanks for stopping by! Keep riding the wave and smiling, always.

Love, Wave Soda