Wave Soda Supports Small Businesses Part 4

Our Wave Soda team loves Wednesdays because we get to gush about our favorite small businesses! 

If you're reading this, welcome back and happy hump day! 

Keep scrolling to get that mouth watering as today we take on some delicious snacks that you're going to want to hide in a secret place so you don't have to share with your family. 

Rusty's Chips

Does this one sound familiar?? 

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook or even religiously read this blog, (you are a saint if that is the case and you deserve all the chips in the world), then you read about these tasty treats on Monday. 

Rusty's chips

We ran a rockin' giveaway that featured Rusty's Chips and beauty products from nügg beauty. Why do we love Rusty's Chips?

First off, they are delicious. 

Second, they are handmade in Southern California since 1980! Loooove that. 

Third, they are all natural! A perfect snack to munch on while you sip something else natural, a healthy soda from Wave. Duh! 

tortilla chips

The Painted Pretzel

From one crunchy snack to another! 

Next up is The Painted Pretzel. This company started off as a one woman show, just a stay at home mom creating these delectable pretzels in her small kitchen, and oh how it has grown! 

chocolate covered pretzels

The products include pretzel knots, pretzel bark, and pretzel rods. Oh! I almost forgot to mention, they are all covered in chocolate!!!

I bet that got you interested now :)

Grab either, (or both!), of these yummy goodies on their websites and let us know what you think! 

Send us a message with your thoughts and pictures and you may score a feature on Wave Soda social media. 

Happy munching!