Wave Soda Coming To A Co-Op Near You!

That's right! 

You can now find our delicious, healthy soda alternative at Park Slope Coop in Brooklyn, New York baby! 

Why does Wave Soda love this new partnership? 

I will tell you right now :)

What's A CO-OP?

Co-op is a shortened version of the word co-operation. 

Basically, a food co-op is a grocery store run by a bunch of people in a community who get together and volunteer their time in exchange for food products. 

You work at the co-op a certain number of hours a week/month and in turn, you get food from the co-op at a discounted price. 

Awesome, right?!

Why Is Park Slope Coop So Cool?

As I mentioned above, members of Park Slope Coop volunteer their time and service to keep the co-op running. Everyone shares responsibilities and benefits evenly!

Here are a few other impressive reasons why Wave Soda is stoked about this link-up!

  • There is an emphasis on organic, minimally processed, and healthful foods (like all of our Wave Soda drinks!)
  • They avoid products that thrive on the exploitation of others
  • They support non-toxic and sustainable agriculture
  • Preference on purchasing from local, earth-friendly producers
  • They recycle!

I mean, the list goes on and on you guys!

Just like this co-op, Wave Soda is committed to continuing our education on health, nutrition, and the environment. 

    Want More Wave Soda??

    As we continue to grow and expand there are still a few places around the U.S that we aren't yet being sold in. 

    If you're curious about the nearest store or shop that Wave Soda is sold in, head on over to our site and check out the Find Us tab. 

    You might be surprised at how many places around you actually carry our low-sugar soda

    Happy sippin', friends!