Wave Soda Now Sold At QFC Stores!

Our Wave Soda team is pumped to announce that you can now find all of our delicious and healthy sodas at QFC stores! 

Pacific Northwest, this one is for you! 

QFC Facts

Owned by Kroger, QFC stores are located mostly in Washington, with some other chains found in Oregon as well. 

This partnership is especially exciting to all of us at Wave because we stand behind the QFC mission statement and initiatives including:

  • Zero Hunger Zero Waste - This social impact plan aims to end hunger in local communities and eliminate company waste by accelerating food donations, advocating for public policy solutions, and pushing zero food waste across the entire company by 2025
  • Increasing company and public education and advocacy for Black lives and communities 
  • Providing a safe and inclusive environment for all customers and employees

We appreciate this new partnership with QFC stores and are stoked for PNW residents to try our tasty all-natural sodas and fall in love! 


Moving On Up

Grabbing this new location has got all of us at Wave Soda buzzing for our continued growth and expansion. 

Currently, you can find your favorite Wave Soda products on our website, or you can purchase them on Amazon as well. 

If you are keen to check our healthy soda in a store near you, hop on our store locator and type in your address for a quick and easy search. 

Happy shopping!