Wave Hello to your New Indoor Herb Garden

You know what’s really great? Gardening and books have become cool again.

As a hippie bookworm, that bodes well for me. What about you?

Maybe you’re the plant mama/daddy type, and maybe you’re not. But either way, you can’t deny that having a little greenery in the house feels damn good. Plus, there are few things cooler than adding something you grew to your homemade meals and cocktails.

I get it. Not all of us are country mice with big, back yards and room for garden beds. But, city mice! That doesn’t mean you can’t have plant babies of your own. Here’s how to make an indoor herb garden in 3 easy steps.

What you’ll need:

3 empty Wave Soda cans (Mix and match flavors to add more color!)

An exacto knife or small pliers

3 2” herbs

Drink Some Wave

You’ll need at least three cans. Now, that might take you a week or that might take you a day… I’m not here to judge. (They’re not regular soda’s, they’re healthy sodas…it’s fiiiiine.)  Once they’re good and drank, rinse them out!

Cut the Can

Next, you’ll need to cut the top off of the can. An exacto knife will do the trick. If you don’t have one of those just lying around on your art cart, a set of small pliers will work just as well. Just grab hold through the mouth and pull off the aluminum. You can fold in any jagged edges with the pliers. Make sure to poke a few small holes in the bottom of  the can to drain excess moisture when watering.


Put a little soil at the bottom, and wiggle your herbs into their new home. Place them on a sunny window ledge and enjoy the earthy scent of lemon thyme, sage and curry (or whatever herbs float your boat) wafting through the room as you read a good book and crack another refreshing Wave Soda.

Tres cool, city mouse.

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