5 Tips For Making Healthy Choices On A Budget


We all know the cheap college staples that get students through their years at school without breaking the bank; ramen noodles, mac and cheese and even microwave meals. But how nutritious are these?

Not very at all! 

Today New Wave Soda brings you blog containing a few smart tips on making healthy choices while sticking to a budget. 

1. Make A Shopping List

This works best when you also plan ahead what meals you are going to prepare for the week (or few weeks if that is how often you chose to shop). 

Having a written out list will keep you on track and help you avoid any unhealthy or unnecessary choices. 

2. Avoid Processed Foods

It can be tempting to grab the bag of frozen pizza rolls but remember, we are going for healthy choices!

Sticking to natural, raw materials is actually usually cheaper and it will also cut 

farmers market healthy choices

out the amount of preservatives and artificial ingredients from your diet. 

If you love having a little mocktail or cocktail after work, skip the sugary soda and grab a sparkling water with juice instead! 

3. Shop At The Farmer's Market

Did you know how much cheaper you can grab produce at your local farmer's market instead of the big chain grocery store?

Plus, you can discover some natural, healthy choices at your local market. Like our healthy soda alternative

4. Know Your Healthy, Cheap Staples

These include oatmeal, rice, beans and even pasta. These are great foods because they are healthy and filling, plus they won't break the bank. 

5. Clip Coupons

clip coupons healthy choices

Did you ever used to watch that show "Extreme Couponing"? My mom and I used to love watching that show and just staring in awe at how much these families could save just by clipping coupons. 

You can do that too! Maybe not to that level, unless you want to of course, but clipping coupons and searching for sales or deals can save you a lot of money. 

Take our fruit flavored sparkling water for instance, yes it is a bit more expensive than traditional soda, but you know that you are getting high-quality ingredients and putting the best of the best into your body. 

Plus, we are always running New Wave Soda sales, deals, and giveaways to help our customers out! 

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