This Week’s Brunch Theme – Beat the Heat

It’s hot! It’s humid! We’re super sweaty and our hair is fastened in a permanent messy bun. 

…But brunch must go on.

You see, friends, come hell or high water, there are a few things that are just too sacred to abandon. Sunday brunch is one of those things. After a long work week, we deserve those few glorious hours spent day-drinking and eating fancy foods with our friends. And no one or no temperature is going to take that from us. 

So instead, we improvise. We don’t kill our friends with warm and heavy foods. We go light! Cold, even! 

“But how do I do that without sacrificing flavor and fanciness,” you ask. 

“With these recipes, here,” I answer.

Goat Cheese, Mushroom and Balsamic Toasts

The night before brunch, (when it’s dark and cool) throw some olive oil, minced garlic, and a whole bunch of chanterelle mushrooms in a skillet. Let them simmer on low until they are golden brown. Done! Pop them in the fridge. In the morning, slap a healthy amount of goat cheese on some toasted baguette crackers. Put a spoonful of your mushroom concoction on top and drizzle the whole thing with a balsamic reduction. (You can make it yourself or buy it bottled at the grocery store!)

Strawberry Risotto 

I know this sounds a little out there, but TRUST ME, (says the stranger on the internet.) This dish is light and fruity and cheesy and all around fantastic. Plus it looks freaking gorgeous on a plate. Don’t be intimidated by what you’ve heard about cooking risotto. It does require your attention, but it isn’t a terribly labor intensive job. Plus, risotto is a great, one-pot dish when you have to cook in bulk. This is my favorite recipe. Serve it hot or cold, with a side of arugula, lightly dressed in vinaigrette! 

And for your boozy dessert…. 

It goes without saying that you and the homies will be indulging in some mimosas before and during meal time. But brunch is special. It deserves a little something extra. I’m talking cocktail and dessert, all in one. Put a handful mint leaves and about 12 dashes of angostura bitters in a shaker and muddle. Pour a pint of vodka and shake! (Leave out the ice! We don’t want it watered down.) Leave your little concoction in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. …When the time comes, put a couple scoops of lemon sorbet in a goblet glass. Pour two ounces of your batched vodka over the sorbet and top it off with chilled Cucumber Wave soda. Garnish it with a mint leaf, and taadaa! A boozy, beautiful brunch-worthy dessert. 

So, my weekend warriors,don’t fret if it’s your turn to host Sunday Funday on the hottest day of summer. With these recipes, you’ll have the coolest brunch all year.  

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