The Work-Day Workout

In an exciting turn of events, many employers have become way more invested in securing a solid work-life balance for their employees!

But that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily rolling in the free time. And what tends to go out the window first when we’re pressed for time? Say it with me, kids! *wOrKiNg OuT!*

We get home, we do the million things we have to do around the house, we keep up with all of our interpersonal relationships, we are in full beast mode all the time! But sometimes that means that self-love ends up taking a backseat. But it doesn’t have to! We just have to get creative about where we squeeze it in. And that might mean getting your blood pumping right there at work! Try these tiny alterations to keep a discreet workday workout going all day long.

Move More

If your place is within a few miles from work, try biking! The car is a must? That’s okay, just avoid taking the closest parking spot. Forget the elevator, always take the steps. In fact, take a 5 minute break and do a couple flights or 20 jumping jacks every half hour. It’ll give you an adrenaline boost to keep your energy up and your brain focused.

Sit and *squeeze*

If you have a space that allows for it, bring a yoga ball. Switch between your chair and the ball every 20-30 mins for an abs, leg and hip workout. Bring some resistance bands and do some seated leg and arm training. If you can’t make the ball or bands work, just sit and squeeze. I’m talking isometric exercises. Squeeze your abs or glutes and hold for 15-30  seconds, rest, then go again. This works whether you work sitting at a desk or standing behind a bar!

Any Excuse

Take any excuse to move your body in ways you don’t ordinarily. When you’re waiting by the copy machine or putting orders in the POS, do some calf raises. When you have an extra 20 seconds to yourself, do some desk or counter push ups. Just get those muscles working.

Little changes in your day to day can mean big changes in your body. And once you’re working out a little, you’re more inclined to eat healthier and move more! So, no excuses! Sit down, and work it out! 

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