Wave Soda Grattitude

Does anyone else feel like right before this pandemic hit you were on the brink of some amazing life realizations and accomplishments?

It's absolutely crazy how you can plan ahead, organize and wishfully think your way into a miraculous position only to have it drop out from underneath you. 

We understand and empathize. To combat this, our Wave Soda Team likes to practice gratitude each day, in every adventure, big or small, that we embark on.

Practicing Grattitude

I am aware that I did not spell grattitude right. As I'm writing this, my Grammarly App is having a field day about it, so yes, I know it's spelled incorrectly. Seeing the pestering red line underneath the word makes me wonder though, why isn't it a word? It's shorter and quicker to say than, "attitude of gratitude", plus you have to admit, it's pretty freakin' catchy. 

Gratitude, in itself, is a truly incredible idea. Defined as a quality or feeling of being thankful, it's simple to do and can have lasting positive effects. 

Today, at Wave Soda, we are experiencing an abundance of gratitude for the following:

I strongly believe that that last point was not only important but absolutely necessary. 

You Are What You Practice

In other words, you are what you repeatedly do. This goes for thoughts, activities, food and of course, drink.

At Wave Soda, we like to call this idea the good notion. 

Our healthy soda is made from all-natural ingredients that you can feel good about.

Not to mention the polite caffeination that won't keep you buzzing late into the night, or the zero grams of added sugar, (we are very proud of this and you should be too). 

It's been estimated that it takes a person 21 days to create a habit. Today at Wave Soda we would like to challenge you to take the next three weeks and work each day at practicing your grattitude.

During the next three weeks, it may also be fun to brainstorm some other good habits you might want to create. Like, for instance, kicking your nasty soda habit and drinking our delicious and nutritious, natural soda instead!