The Savings Continue With Our Wave Soda Cyber Monday 2020 Deals!


You didn't think we would skip out on Cyber Monday 2020, did you??

Our Wave Soda team has come up with some ridiculous deals for you all, and we hope you take full advantage! 

Scroll down to see why we should be top on your list of Cyber Monday Savings! 

We're Keto, Whole 30 & Paleo Approved

Yep, you read that right. 

Wave Soda qualifies for all of the top health diet trends. 

Why do we qualify?

Wave Soda is all-natural, it contains no artificial ingredients or flavors, and it has absolutely no added sugars! All of the sweet fruit flavor comes from natural fruit juice concentrate. 

Wave Soda Is A Great Mixer For Sparkling Cocktails

There are so many cocktails and mixed drinks that are made with plain sparkling water or club soda. Why stick with average drinks, when you can have delicious and refreshing ones, instead?

All of our Wave Soda Flavors bring something to the table that you don't want to miss out on. 

Plus, all of our sparkling fruit sodas have 25 calories or less, so your cocktails can be delightful, and low-calorie!

Check out our Wave Soda Blog or Wave Soda Facebook page for exciting sparkling drink recipes!

We Are Participating In Cyber Monday 2020

Besides the fact that Wave Soda is an all-natural, no sugar-added, healthy soda alternative, it should be on the top of you Cyber Monday 2020 shopping list because everything will be 30% off!

Yes I said 30% off everything, on the Wave Soda App, all Cyber Monday long!

I already know you guys are smart and know a deal when you see one, so there's really nothing else to do now but fill your online shopping cart with your favorite Wave Soda Flavors and Wave Soda Gear!

Happy Shopping!