The Relationship Between Sparkling Water and Your Stomach: Toxic or Terrific?


Personally, I have a very unhealthy relationship with sweets. 

Not only do they wreak havoc on my insides but my dentist hates them for me, too!

Thankfully, research has allowed me to keep my second true love, sparkling water! More specifically, Wave Soda

Scroll down to learn more about how your stomach regularly handles sparkling water. 

Sparkling Water for Upset Stomach or Constipation?

No point in being coy here, everyone gets stomach aches and probably

everyone has had a stint of constipation. It's just life!

If you're like me, you strongly dislike having to take over-the-counter medicine for issues, because of all the unknown ingredients and the worry about any long-term affects it will have on your body. 

Well, according to research, there might be a more natural and healthy way to help ease an upset stomach or relieve constipation! 

A study conducted in 2002 took twenty-one people with dyspepsia, (pain or discomfort located in the upper abdomen that includes symptoms like: bloating, nausea, and constipation), and had half drink 1.5 quarts of tap water, while the other half drank 1.5 quarts of carbonated water, each day. 

The study took place over two weeks and discovered the following:

  • Those who drank carbonated water had less dyspepsia symptoms
  • Those who drank carbonated water suffered less constipation
  • There was not a clear benefit of drinking tap water on the issue of constipation or dyspepsia

How amazing is that?!

Next time you are dealing with nagging stomach issues like nausea or constipation, pop open a Wave Soda and begin your road to relief!

Sparkling Water Helps with Digestion

The make up of sparkling water causes a stimulation of the nerves in your mouth that are used for swallowing. 

This, of course, increases the amount you swallow, helping to clear the way of any buildup and producing significant relief after the fact. 

Sparkling water promotes regular bowel movements and can even reduce indigestion

Sparkling Water Stays in Your Stomach for Longer

Due to the carbonation, sparkling water actually stays in your stomach longer than regular tap water. 

This allows you to feel more full after drinking sparkling water and thus, promotes satiety. 

I think a lot of us can agree that during quarantine and lockdown we found ourselves snacking a lot more. Most of the time, I couldn't even tell if I was actually hungry or just needed something to do. 

Drinking more sparkling water, like Wave Soda, can fill up your stomach with healthy ingredients, and help you determine whether your body actually needs food. 

It's Settled: This Relationship is Terrific!

I mean, facts are facts!

The one downside that you need to look out for when regularly drinking sparkling water, is the erosion that can happen to your teeth from added sugars and unnatural ingredients. 

Fortunately, our healthy soda substitute has absolutely no added sugar or artificial ingredients. 

That means, you can enjoy our sparkling fruit soda 100% guilt free!