The 7 Exceptional Benefits of Caffeine in Your Soda

What if we told you there was a legal stimulant available that could enhance weight loss, cognitive function, alertness, stamina, and even hair growth?

You’d be pretty excited, right? And then what if we told you that this stimulant was the most commonly used substance in the world, and you probably had at least a little bit before reading this article? You’d be downright intrigued!

Well, that stimulant is caffeine, and it’s one of the most extensively studied — yet widely misunderstood — substances under human research.

Every day, millions of people drink caffeine to increase energy, combat fatigue, boost their mood, and improve focus. Yet, despite its popular consumption and obvious benefits, caffeine has received a really bad rap in recent years. Even good things consumed to excess will lead to negative effects (even carrots, if you’d believe it), but that doesn’t mean you should eliminate them entirely.

No, caffeine’s not perfect, but taken in educated moderation this stimulant can deliver healthy, life-enhancing benefits. It’s time to set the record straight and give caffeine the credit it deserves. In this post, we’re going to uncover seven research-supported benefits of caffeine. Ready to love caffeine again? Let’s get into it.

1. Caffeine Improves Memory

Research has proven that caffeine can be a cognitive enhancer, but Johns Hopkins University wanted to see if caffeine could also have a positive impact on long-term memory. It did. Their study showed that taking 200mg of caffeine following a learning session enhanced the consolidation of memory.

Although it might go against stereotypical cramming strategies, a dose of caffeine after intense studying will give your memory a healthy boost and improve long-term recollection.

2. Caffeine May Boost Weight Loss   

The controversy around this caffeine benefit isn’t so much around if — it’s around how. Studies like this and this have shown that caffeine can accelerate weight loss. Research is still trying to determine if the weight loss is caused by a stimulated metabolism, improved mental focus, increased endurance, or a combination of the three.

Regardless of the exact reason, taking a bit of caffeine before exercise is likely to give you an edge when it comes to weight loss.

3. Caffeine Increases Alertness 

Although never a substitute for sleep, caffeine has been shown to increase attention, mental alertness, and quick reasoning. Research performed on soldiers, those susceptible to long waking hours, found caffeine to improve response speed, logical reasoning, and detection of events.

When sleep is out of the question, healthy doses of caffeine (we’ll get to what that means later) can give you the alertness you need to get the job done.

4. Caffeine Enhances Stamina  

Whether you’re tackling a marathon, enjoying a long day at the beach, or cramming for your exams, caffeine can give you the stamina boost your mind and body need. This study found taking caffeine before exercise improved performance in cycling and running by reducing perceived exertion (meaning, making the task seem easier). You could imagine comparable results in a variety of scenarios.

5. Caffeine Can Support a Healthy Mood

You’ve likely heard the comment: “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.” Well, it holds some weight. Research has shown that consuming moderates amount of caffeine throughout the day can lead to a sustained improvement in mood. Yes, too much caffeine leads to an inevitable crash, which can cause anxiety, nervousness, and jitteriness. However, when 75mg were taken every 4 hours (about one cup of coffee), subjects experienced an improvement in calmness and interest.

So, if you feel like you’re more approachable and in a better mood after you’ve had a little caffeine, you’re not alone.

6. Caffeine May Reduce Headaches

You’ve likely heard people complain about a headache after consuming too much caffeine. Yes, that’s a true side effect of over-consumption. Yet, when taken in moderation, caffeine can play a significant part in reducing headaches — that’s why it’s included in pain relievers like Excedrin and Anacin.  

7. Caffeine Can Improve Your Driving

True story! A study performed by the Australian Department of Defence found that caffeine consumption significantly reduced driving errors. Soldiers who’d been sleep-deprived for over 50 hours were given caffeinated gum and then given a driving test. Those who had the gum made fewer driving errors despite becomingly increasingly drowsy.

Don’t rely on caffeine alone to keep you safe when driving. Yes, it may reduce errors, but always be safe and never dry drowsy.

How Much Is Too Much

Hopefully, now you understand a little more about caffeine’s amazing potential, but this stimulant isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. There are definitely upper limits and risks associated with taking this substance. But how much is too much? Good question.

Research suggests daily caffeine intake up to 400mg is not associated with any adverse effects. That’s the equivalent of about five cups of coffee, ten sodas, or two 5-Hour Energy’s. Once you go over that limit, you may start to experience some overdosing symptoms: headaches, anxiety, energy crash, and more. Tolerance levels vary by individual, but 400mg/day is a safe number to regard. Some groups may be more sensitive than others, like children, pregnant women, or breastfeeding mothers, and they should limit consumption further.

Where to Find the Sweet Spot

Want to find the sweet spot where you can enjoy the benefits of caffeine without all the negative side effects? We did too, and that’s why we created Wave Soda.

Wave Soda is a combination of fruit juice, sparkling water, and caffeine that delivers delicious flavor while packing the moderate caffeine punch you love. With 15-25 calories per can, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and 42mg of all-natural caffeine (from the green coffee bean) consider it a gentle boost to get you where you want to go.

We believe you should be able to enjoy a refreshing, tasty beverage that gives you the energy you need without all the extra junk. You don’t need to eliminate caffeine from your diet — you just need to control your consumption.

As we’ve shown, caffeine used at the right time in the right amount can provide some outstanding benefits to your mind and body. If you’re looking for a new soda that tastes as great as it makes you feel, look no further than Wave Soda.