The 3 Best Thanksgiving Sparkling Cocktail Recipes

Hopefully by now you have nailed down what you are going to be cooking and eating on Thanksgiving. 

If you haven't and still have to get some groceries, on behalf of our entire team at Wave Soda....good luck!

Since we have already brought you some tasty vegan dinner recipes, we thought you might need something to drink along with them!

Scroll down to discover three delicious Thanksgiving Sparkling Cocktail Recipes. 

Kir Royale Cocktail

This two-ingredient drink recipe is lower on the alcohol but high on the flavor. 

Just grab some Creme de Cassis and your favorite flavor of Wave Soda. 

Creme de Cassis has a sweet, flavor made from blackcurrants and it pairs great with a refreshing Cucumber or Mango Wave. 

Americano Cocktail

Although I was kind of hoping this had some coffee in it because of the name, it still sounds pretty amazing to me. 

You'll need:



Start with the ice in a glass, pour in the alcohol, then top with Wave Soda and garnish with orange. 

An easy Thanksgiving drink recipe with a citrusy taste. 

Autumn Apple Pie Cocktail 

Oh man, this Thanksgiving cocktail has got to be amazing if that's what it's called!

Gather the following:



Combine the alcohol and lemon juice with ice in a cocktails shaker and shake. Strain into a glass and top with Apple Wave and bitters. 

I think this might be my new favorite drink recipe!

At Wave Soda we love being able to bring you exciting, new food and drink recipes and always searching out for the healthiest options, which is why we substitute our all-natural sparkling soda for other high-sugar, high-calorie soft drinks. 

From all of here at Wave we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and always remember to drink responsibly!