New Sport and New Wave

Spikeball & Wave

In 2008, Spikeball was started in CEO’s (@spikeballchris) Chicago garage. After 5 years of hard work the company was making 1 million dollars in revenue with no full-time employees. From there, Chris decided to take the next step and quit his day job to focus solely on Spikeball! Wave is on a journey to become the official soda of Spikeball!

Played in a 2 versus 2 mode, Spikeball carries similar rules to volleyball. Rather than hitting the ball over the net to shift possession, the ball is spiked off the net to the opposing players. With over 150 tournaments a year, Spikeball is taking off and providing a new sport to all people on and off the sand.

Spikeball and Wave go together perfectly. After a long day of Spikeball on the beach with your friends what better way to cool off than a Wave, the official soda of spikeball! Can you think of anything better? We can’t!

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