Take the Wave Soda Dating Quiz and Discover Your True Love!

Who doesn't want to know what Wave Soda Flavor they are and also find out their true love at the same time? 

I don't know who, honestly. 


Take the Quiz, Get a Discount!

Not only will our Wave Soda quiz predict what Wave Soda fruit flavor you are, but it will also tell you what flavors you pair best with!

All you have to do is head on over to our Wave Soda app or our website, it's that easy. 

Oh and did I mention you will receive a special gift for taking the quiz?!


Those how are brave enough to find their flavor and take a screenshot can send it to us via text or Instagram DM and get a surprise discount on their next order! 



Love is definitely in the air, and it tastes a bit like Mango Wave Soda. 

Take the quiz, win a prize, and sip Wave Soda happily ever after :)