Sparkling Apple Mocktails for Your Next Kids' Party

School is back in session! The new school supplies and fresh wardrobes have been bought. The pick-up/drop-off schedule has been decided. The clubs have been joined.


But for those of you who take care of tiny humans, we know the work never truly stops. And because it never hurts to plan ahead, we’re going to share our secret weapon!


When the time comes for you to host a class party, your friends at Wave are here to help you really bring the class (hehe, you’ll soon see what we did there…)


That’s right. Just like you, we know your minis only deserve the best of everything. And that includes having a little glitz and glam from time to time.


Here's What You'll Need

For your kid-friendly, sparkling apple mocktails that require just a couple minutes of prep time!


  • A case of Apple Wave Soda (This caffeine free flavor is safe for the kiddos.)
  • Green Apple Pop Rocks
  • Gummy bears
  • Stemless plastic flutes
  • Bamboo picks


First, pop your case of wave in the fridge and let it ~chill~ overnight.


Before the party, take these stemless plastic flutes, slide a lime around the rim and then dip them in your Green Apple Pop Rocks.


Next, go ahead and fill each glass three quarters full with Apple Wave Soda. (No mixing required… told you it was easy!)


And for the pièce de résistance! Stick 3 or 4 gummy bears with one of these (earth friendly) bamboo sticks, and drop it in!


A treat just as delicious for the eyes as it is for the tummy!  And take our word, you will have the kids (and their parents) talking about your party for school years to come.