Skip The Straw With Our Reusable Bamboo Straws


Today is National Skip the Straw Day and what better way to celebrate than with some Wave Soda Reusable Bamboo Straws?

Let's talk about why our bamboo straws are a great alternative to regular straws, much like how our healthy soda is a great alternative to regular soda! 

Ditch The Plastic Straws

Plastic straws can't be that bad, right?


Let's check out 5 of the most shocking plastic facts that have inspired skip the straw day.

  1. An estimated 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since the
    wave soda reusable bamboo straws
    1950s (and only 9% of that has been recycled!)
  2. According to Nat Geo, 73% of all beach litter is plastic
  3. 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute
  4. Between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide annually
  5. Ingestion of plastic kills an estimated 1 million marine birds and 100,000 marine animals each year


As scary as these facts are, many companies are stepping up to try and right this problem. This includes our unsweetened soda brand. 

We understand that even the smallest change can make a big impact, and that's why we sell reusable bamboo straws. 

Additionally, all of our Wave Soda Cans can be recycled, and we ship our soda in carboard so that it can be recycled as well. 

As a small business, we want to play a big part in creating a healthier Earth for everyone. 

How You Can Do Your Part

The plastic facts above seem daunting but there are a lot of eco-friendly options out there that exist!

Take our Wave Soda reusable bamboo straws for example; they are a fantastic

tangerine soda mango soda blueberry soda and grapefruit soda in the sand on the beach

way to "skip the straw" and cut back on plastic straw waste. 

If you are looking for other easy ways to cut back on plastic ways, here are a few simple ones you can put into practice:

  • Stop buying plastic water bottles and purchase a reusable water bottle instead
  • Consider storing food in containers instead of plastic bags
  • Save glass jars and plastic containers from store-bought food, they can be used again to store food
  • Purchase reusable food bags/totes for grocery shopping and avoid using store-provided plastic bags


These are some easy ways to cut back on plastic use around the house. 

Follow along with our Wave Soda Blog to learn more ways to cut back on plastic waste and help create a more eco-friendly world for all of us!