Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth During The Holiday Season With These Healthier Options


The holidays are always a struggle when it comes to eating clean. 

It can be hard to find the balance between enjoying what you eat and consuming healthy foods too. 

At Wave Soda we understand it can be hard to give up your favorite snacks or drinks, so we found some better-for-you alternatives to get you through the holiday season.

A Happy List

According to our blog post, "How Much Sugar Is Too Much Sugar", consuming drinks or foods with high amounts of added sugar can cause serious health issues. 

So how about we cut back this holiday season and try some happier alternatives! 

Check out the list below for candy inspiration:

- Yum Earth organic lollipops, licorice, gummy bears and hard candy

Chimes ginger chews

Simply gum

Cocomels organic coconut milk caramels

Alter Eco organic truffles

Heavenly Organics chocolate honey patties

*These treats still contain sugar, but are made of non-GMO or organic ingredients*

Next up, a list of healthy drink options:

- Unsweetened Ice Tea

- Coconut Water

- Sparkling Fruit Wave Soda

- Sugar Free Fruit Juice

You can find more about these drinks on our Wave Soda blog, here

Balance Is Key

Whatever foods or drinks you end up consuming during holiday season, always remember it's about balance. 

Make sure to get the servings of vegetables and fruits you need, then let yourself have a sweet treat later. 

Love your body for where it is and all the amazing things it does for you!