Reuse Your Wave Soda Can To Create This Masterpiece!

Hey, hey Wave people!

Today we are doing another DIY with our old Wave Soda cans. What will we be making? Birdfeeders! 

I love these DIY's because you're not adding more waste to landfills, and also they can save you money. 

Who doesn't love a win-win??


Okay, so the DIY I found uses a tin-can but I knew a Wave Soda can would be MUCH cooler looking so we will be using one (or as many as you want) instead. 

Firstly, drink as many tasty Wave Sodas as you want birdfeeders and then rinse them out and let them dry. 

In the meantime, gather the following:

  • Can opener
  • Scissors 
  • Yarn 

Let's Get Crafting

Now that you have all the supplies, it's super easy from here on out! 

Grab your favorite Wave Soda flavor, pop the top, and follow these easy steps: 

  1. Use your can opener to remove half of the top, then use your scissors to cut it off from the can. You should have a small opening that you can put the birdseed in later
  2. Take the scissors and create a small hole on the other side of the can, on the same half of the can that the half opening is
  3. Cut off your desired length of yarn and feed it through the hole and out the end with the small opening. Tie the two sides of yarn into a knot and shift the yarn until the knot is inside the can and out of sight
  4. Fill with birdseed and hang it outside for the birds to enjoy!  

As I mentioned before, the DIY uses a tin can but your bird feeder should look a little like this when you've finished. 

Try out this DIY and send us a message with pictures of the finished products so we can post them to our Wave Soda Instagram page :)