Refreshingly Simple Ingredients any 3rd Grader Can Pronounce

Imagine surprising a 3rd-grade class with this pop quiz:

“Students, you must pick up your paper and read the following ingredients aloud, correctly, in order to pass. Let us begin.

First word: Phenylalanine

Second word: Erythorbic

Third word: Benzoate…”

And the quiz goes on and on. Honestly, at this rate, I don’t think I’d pass the test — much less a 3rd grader. Are these names even English? What do they mean? Are these words from an ancient civilization or chemicals in a powerful toilet cleaner?

We believe there’s beauty in simplicity (and tastiness, too). That’s why Wave Soda contains refreshingly simple all-natural ingredients. Only the good stuff — no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners, and no ingredients you can’t pronounce. Don’t just take our word for it, check the label and this is what you’d see on a Blackberry Wave Soda can:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Blackberry Juice Concentrate
  • Pear Juice Concentrate
  • Lemon Juice Concentrate
  • Caffeine
  • Natural Flavor

Each ingredient was intentionally selected to fulfill an essential purpose. We want to pop the tab (so to speak) and give you an inside look at what’s inside Wave Soda and, more importantly, why. Let’s get into it.

Carbonated Water

Carbonated water is water that’s been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. Small bubbles form, giving the water a bubbling, fizzy quality — a.k.a., the best part of a soda. For carbonation lovers, it’s a refreshing sensation that enhances the beverage. Soda without carbonation is just flavored water…not quite the experience you’re looking for when you pop open a can and expect the gentle fizz.

Blackberry Juice Concentrate

What would a blackberry soda be without authentic blackberry flavor? Instead of creating some sugar-free artificial sweetener in the lab meant to mimic the blackberry taste, we decided to flavor our soda with all-natural juice straight from the fruit itself. Go figure!

Juice concentrate is simply fruit with the water removed. Yes, the juice concentrate does add some natural sugars to the drink — a whopping 25 calories worth of it. We figured you’d prefer real fruit juice with real sugar to fake fruit juice with fake sugar — and from the flavor, we think we nailed it.

Pear Juice Concentrate

Wait. I thought this was a blackberry soda? What is pear juice doing in the can, then? Pear flavors mingle with blackberry to create a masterpiece kick — like brown sugar to pumpkin, it just works. Pear juice also works as a natural color enhancer, so we don’t have to add unnecessary water-soluble food coloring.

Pears pack a nutritional punch and provide an excellent source of fiber. They also contain vitamin C, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. So, the question really should be: why wouldn’t you add pear juice?

Lemon Juice Concentrate

When life gives you lemons, we make blackberry soda. Lemons are a staple in every kitchen, and we believe they add kick-butt zest and tanginess to just about any drink — that’s why we’ve included it in all our Wave Soda flavors.


Each refreshing 12-ounce can of soda packs 42mg of all-natural caffeine from the green coffee bean (about the same as a diet soda, without all the junk). Consider it our gift to the world. A politely caffeinated alternative to the not-so-natural soda.

We prefer caffeine from natural sources like green tea, yerba mate, coffee beans, and guarana because the body responds more favorably to these — as opposed to more synthetic alternatives like anhydrous caffeine. Caffeine is one of our favorite ingredients in Wave Soda. It delivers a gentle boost to get you where you want to go without the crash.

Natural Flavor

Artificial flavors are made from non-food sources while natural flavors come from food and edible things. These constitute the salts, peppers, spices, and herbs that contribute to a beverage’s unique flavor. We prefer our flavors to come from the earth rather than the lab, and we assume you do, too.

Simple Is Better

How do you think the 3rd graders would do with Wave Soda’s ingredients? Not so bad, huh?

We believe great-tasting soda doesn’t need erythorbics or benzoates to deliver an oh-so-refreshing experience. Simple is better. And that’s why we’re so transparent about what goes in every can. Your beverage should lift you up while you’re guzzling down, and we know these purposefully-selected ingredients will do just that.

Wave Soda CEO and Founder Nat Noone built his career selling fruit and fruit juice but was hooked on diet soda. With Wave Soda, he’s kicked the habit and is challenging the beverage industry with his own refreshingly uplifting, sparkling juice drink — low in calories and gently caffeinated.

Nat understood that simple was better.

He knew fruit juice + sparkling water + natural caffeine = happy soda.

You’ll love Wave Soda if you…

  • Want to kick soda addiction but can’t find a drink that satisfies all your needs.
  • Don’t want to drink all your calories.
  • Crave more than just mildly flavored sparkling water.
  • Know artificial sweeteners and aspartame aren’t good for you.
  • Dislike the taste of natural sweeteners like Stevia and Truvia.
  • Need a gentle buzz to keep you going throughout the day.

Nodding your head? Thinking yes, yes, yes?

Nat’s happy soda delivers the best aspects of what he loved about diet soda (flavor, carbonation, caffeine) without all the unnecessary junk. He’s been in your shoes and designed this drink to get out of them. You can, too. You don’t have to choose between health and happiness — Wave Soda takes the best of both worlds and puts in a can for you to drink at your leisure.

Give Wave Soda a try now and experience a delightfully familiar, yet radical new way to drink soda. You’ll be glad you did.