Pick Wave Soda For Your Drink At Lunch Time

Everyone knows that you need to have a drink with your lunch and after sipping water all morning, it's nice to have a Wave Soda to break up that flavor lull. 

Wave is the healthier option to soda or even juice, which can have tons of added sugar if you're not careful. 

So keep reading and find out why we believe we are perfect for your lunch, your kid's lunch, your mom's lunch, everybody's lunch!

Why Mom's Love Us

It's no secret that our soda is healthy and all-natural. That's one of our biggest selling points! We did that on purpose because we love soda but we do not love what it does to our insides. 

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Sadly, soda isn't the only drink that can cause harm to our bodies or our kid's bodies! Juice boxes, fruit juice, soda, sports drinks, they all have unnecessary ingredients and additives that aren't good for you or your little one(s). 

How bad? I'll show you! 

  • Gatorade Frost (20oz) contains 110mg of sodium, 14g of sugar, and 130 calories
  • Capri-sun Tropical (100ml) contains 9g carbs, 9g of sugar and 38 calories
  • Tropicana Orange Juice (10oz) contains 20mg of sodium, 33g of carbs, 28g of sugar and 140 calories

Need I go on?

Here's the skinny, Wave Soda is the healthiest drink AND tastiest option at lunchtime, or really, any time! 

wave soda flavors

So grab yourself a couple of 7 Flavor Variety Wave Soda cases and some healthy and refreshing lunches for you and your family!