New Years Resolution or New Year Theme?


Last week we brought you a Wave Soda Blog urging you to skip this year's resolution and create an attitude of discipline. 

In keeping with this theme, we have another hack today to start this new year with a bright attitude and an accomplishable strategy! 

New Years Resolutions Are Hard 

Ugh, so hard aren't they? 

Even though we may look forward to the result, it can be frustrating trying to stay the course, especially when you start to get busy!

At Wave Soda, we feel that setting realistic goals is a great way to create positive and lasting habits for a new season of your life. 

When Nat Noone began the journey to creating your favorite healthy soda, it was not easy, but he kept that goal in mind and kept pushing until he achieved it!

Pick A Theme 

My friend and I have actually done this the past few years and it has helped us immensely to stick to our goals and follow the path we are aiming for. 

When you are picking a theme for your new year, it is all about deciding how you want your year to look.

Are you striving for financial success?

Wanting to heal yourself mentally and physically?

Hoping to start your own business?

Try and pinpoint a word that can be used to describe the year you are wishing to have, and align your actions with that word!

Keep Setting Goals

Now that you have chosen a theme, set a handful of goals that keep in tune with that theme. 

It could mean setting a goal for this new year to get up every morning and meditate for five minutes. 

Maybe your theme is health, so you could set a goal to quit sugar and start treating your body better. (If that's the case, head over to and use BYESUGAR for 20% off your order)

Whatever you determine the theme for this new year will be for you, continue to set goals big and small, that push you towards that theme!

From all of us at Wave Soda, you have our support and we believe in you!